Make a Payment

Prepay for a picture day event, pay a deposit, or make a custom payment for a balance due.

IMPORTANT: If you are pre-paying for athletic or school photos, your student MUST HAVE AN ORDER FORM WITH CONFIRMATION CODE AND ORDER filled out to receive your images.

  • Please select the type of payment you wish to make.

    Picture Day Info

    Every picture day participant is required to present an order form on picture day whether you are prepaying online, paying on site, or ordering online when photos are posted. If you are choosing to prepay, you must fill out the printed order form completely including all of your product options and the order total.  You will use this total to fill in the payment amount below.

    Enter the organization associated with your picture day (e.g., Mahomet Parks and Rec Basketball, GCMS High School Picture Day)

    Enter the name for the picture day event.  This will typically be the name of your student or athlete who is having their photo taken.

    Please enter your name or other identifying information that will help us link your payment to the proper account.

    Enter the amount of your payment in the box below.

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