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Meet Steph


I embarked on my professional journey at VSI in 2022, following an enriching internship experience during my time in the design program at Parkland. While design has always been my passion, it was through the guidance and collaboration with Holly and Kristi that I was encouraged to step outside my comfort zone. This led me to discover a newfound love for videography and photography. I realized that my true fulfillment lies in the act of creation, and I find immense joy in using my creativity to bring happiness to others. Whether I am capturing the energy of sports through my lens, documenting the beauty of a wedding through videography, or immersing myself in design projects, you can always find me fully engaged in these artistic pursuits.


Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 90%
Creativity 92%
Stress 80%
Love 100%

this or that

Bad haircut or bad dye job
Pineapple pizza or candy corn
Glass half full or glass half empty
Ketchup or ranch
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter
Guacamole or salsa
Vacation or staycation
Netflix or Hulu


Coffee or tea
Be embarrassed or be afraid
City or countryside
Smartphone or tablet
Wine or Beer
Attend a party or host a party
Lose sleep or skip a meal
Sneakers or dress shoes


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Associates in Applied Science

Parkland College | 2022

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Graphic Design & Print Production Certificate

Parkland College | 2022

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