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Our Videography

Vivid studios offer top-quality videography services from our outgoing and professional staff. Our goal is the help the viewers feel like they are there experiencing the event or seeing the space in person. We do this through high-resolution video, quality audio recordings, precise editing, and a fitting soundtrack to bring it all together. Anyone can take video with a phone, but we work to bring it to life in a way you can experience over and over finding new details every time.

VSI offers top-quality videography by implementing the latest in digital video technology to deliver you a fully produced wedding video that you and your family will enjoy watching again and again. By combining our high-end equipment and software with the artistic abilities of our videographers and editors, we are able to produce highly professional and truly unique videos for each and every client! Every wedding client also receives a custom acrylic USB with their wedding film on it.

iGuide by VSI is a fully integrated service for your property listing that features a 360 degree fully virtual tour. VSI uses iGuide technology which captures immersive 360-degree photographs while taking laser-accurate measurements of the house which are used to create the floorplans used for the listing. Additionally, we include VSI professional-quality stills of the property integrated into the listing report.

Every iGuide by VSI comes with everything you need to promote, share, and display your properties and is fully MLS compliant.

Once your appointment is completed you can expect an email containing your completed listing including all images, virtual tours, floor plans, and measurements on the following business day and ready to be shared on every platform.

We proudly use Canon full-frame cameras. 

Iguide 360 3D virtual Tours

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